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Recipes starting with T

The Best Soda Bread ever...

The Best Soda Bread ever...

.. my life in cakes..  SODABREAD

  " My mother used to bake sodabread. Sometimes it had a very greenish hue. I thought it was cool - turns out, thats because of more bread soda in the recipe than the quantity of flour required. Who knew about the science!

After I married Paul; as a good farmers wife I baked bread all the time and as the legions of Irish wives before me - developed my signature sodabread.  He used to call them BROWN CAKES, as his mother always did. I thought it was strange but I let it slide. There were more important changes to be made to the man I intended to spend the rest of my life with .. ! "

Here is my  'from scratch' sodabread recipe. Own it, enjoy it, make it yours.  

  • Complexity: medium

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