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Siobhán's Cookbook

Recipes from home

Sugar free fruit brack

Sugar free fruit brack

A simple ‘cut and come again’ sort of cake – that is better if left for a few days. Low in fat, I think it is super delicious if spread with a swish of butter, margarine or your spread of choice (but sort of defeats the point!). Traditionally made with sugar - this is a ‘sugar-free’ version, with very little added sweetness. Because of the sweetness of the dried fruit, you could also leave out the honey/agave/fruit syrup if you like. But I like the little extra punch.

If you are avoiding processed sugar – be mindful of the fruits you use. Typically glace fruits (cherries, mixed peel) are infused with a glucose fructose mix. And some of the more tropical fruits (pineapple, cranberries etc.) are often sugar infused also.

Pancake Pittas or the cheats way to a gluten free pitta bread

Pancake Pittas or the cheats way to a gluten free pitta bread

A sort of a cheats way to make a ‘pitta-esque’ receptacle, but anything that you can weigh, make and cook within 5 minutes is not to be sniffed at. A genius lunch option.

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