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Last night (9th May) we attended the 2016 Free From Food Awards Ireland, a lovely black-tie gala event at the historic Mansion House in Dublin. As always, there was stiff competition from some incredible Irish food brands producing fabulous free from foods.

We were absolutely overwhelmed with the amazing response from the judges who awarded us four Gold awards for our High Omega Berry Granola in the Raw & Super Foods Category, the Cranberry & Hazelnut Sodabread Toasts in the Crackers & Crispbreads category, the Belgium Chocolate Orange Biscuit Cake in the Biscuits & Cookies category, and our new gluten free Bite box in the Innovation category!

Thursday, 28 April 2016 16:08

10 Essential Tools for Home Baking

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So, what do you really need to have a well-equipped kitchen ready for whenever the mood to bake strikes you? Aside from a good oven and a strong pair of hands there’s only a few essential tools you need.

Think a packed lunch is only for school children? Think again. If you spend up to €7 (£5) every work day on grabbing lunch from a local café or shop you could be spending over €1,000 a year of your hard-earned cash just on lunch. And it’s more than likely that for those of us who have food allergies, intolerances or special diets the choice is going to be seriously limited.


So ditch the supermarket sandwich and try one of our favourite packed lunch ideas from soups and salads, to wraps and full hot meals.

Thursday, 03 March 2016 18:16

Finding Vegan and Gluten Free Snacks for Kids

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Vegan Mammy shares her favourite vegan snacks for kids when she's out and about.

As a mother with two kids on a vegan and gluten free diet, it can be hard to find snacks and treats when we're out and about.  A little planning and having ideas of what you can buy makes life a lot easier.  Kids get hungry often and having snacks ready can really help avoid the kids (and me!) getting cranky.  I also like to have food on hand for babies and young kids if we go out for a meal and there's not much suitable for them on the menu.

Thursday, 18 February 2016 17:33

A Beginner's Guide to Going Gluten-Free

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So you've decided to completely cut gluten from your diet. Scared? Changing your diet for whatever reason might seem daunting at first but we promise that delicious gluten and wheat-free food is out there! And to help you through what could be a wobbly beginning, we've shared some simple tips on how to get started.

Thursday, 10 December 2015 17:09

Create your own Christmas Hamper for the Perfect Homemade Gift

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Not sure what to get a family member or friend who seems like they have everything? We think a food-filled hamper is a failsafe gift that’s just as fun to give as it is to receive.

The sum of a hamper is more than its parts. If you have ever been gifted one you’ll know the excitement that comes from unwrapping the box to discover all the little treats inside and then enjoying them individually over the year.

Thursday, 10 December 2015 14:17

Gluten-Free Christmas Dinner with all the Trimmings

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Whether you stick to a gluten-free diet or you’re cooking for someone who does, a traditional Christmas dinner with all the trimmings is actually easier than you think to make “free-from”.

There’s a lot involved in cooking a traditional Christmas roast so you don’t want to be cooking lots of different alternatives for your gluten-free guests – and you really don’t have to. Be safe in the knowledge that all guests can tuck into all dishes with just a few easy tweaks to your normal recipes.

Friday, 23 October 2015 16:20

World Class Tennis on a Gluten Free Diet - Novak Djokovic

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Give it two weeks. That's what I suggest. Avoid gluten for fourteen days and see how you feel. Then, on day fifteen, have some bread and see what happens. ... I've managed to stay gluten-free and eat a healthy, balanced, satisfying diet that fuels a professional tennis career -- and I probably have far less control over my schedule and where I eat than you do. You can take control over your diet, and your life.

-- Novak Djokovic in his memoir/diet book: "Serve to Win"

Wednesday, 30 September 2015 13:43

Join our mailing list

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From time to time we like to update all our customers on the things we're doing, new products or offers and news from The Foods of Athenry. To stay in touch, add your email address to our mailing list. We'll never send your private information to anyone else and we'll not email you too often, we promise!

Wednesday, 09 September 2015 12:43

The Foods Of Athenry Are Now Available At Waitrose

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